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Urban Lights has the knowledge to assist you harmonize your own living or working environment with intelligent lighting & control solutions
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Urban Lights is a source for lighting fixtures, lighting design and lighting controls.
Our job is to light environments; those special places where you work, live and play.

For over 20 years we have been working with you to illuminate your home, your work, as well as the coffee shops, restaurants and other public buildings you frequent. Need a single fixture or a plan for whole project? – Visit Urban Lights!

Working with us you can expect to receive expert advice from trained lighting enthusiasts. We take what you have currently and look at what it can become. We help you understand lighting and how an effective design can meet your needs both now and in the future. We don’t just select pretty and cool fixtures, we use illumination techniques that work with the architecture of a room and how the room will be used, to meet your lighting needs. Whether you are looking for one fixture or lighting an entire house; renovating a work space or building a new work space, you can count on us.

Visit our showroom, expect a conversation.

We will ask you questions about your current lighting situation. Then we will ask you what your needs are now and for the future. The more questions we ask, the better the decision process and the solutions will be. There will be questions on style, color, and finish, areas of importance in your space, how you use your space, as well as how much technology you feel comfortable with in your home. We will then provide suggestions for sizing, finish, and style to help you achieve beautiful and functional lighting for your project.


Visiting your home or commercial space, expect more.

Using the same service as in our showroom we will visit the space to be lit and help you choose the right lighting fixtures for your space. Clients typically are renovating more than one room, may require several light fixtures or have unusual spaces that require a site visit by our team. If we determine that a design and a fixture placement is needed, we can refer you to our Lighting Plan service.


Generating a Lighting Plan, work with a Lighting Designer (LC)

We have a lighting designer on staff. He works with designers, manufacturers and contractors to get a lighting plan developed for the space to be lit. Our LC is certified in the basic principles of illumination a designation that requires continuing education to maintain good standing. He is involved with our industry and remain current in all industry developments. Not many companies have an LC on staff.
Expect a design for your new construction or renovation to provide you with options for better lighting which will include detailed lighting layout, height recommendations, placement for switches and dimmers, and creating scenes. The cost of a lighting plan will vary according to the size of the project and the scope of the work. Ask us how we price this work, you’ll see the value.